Administration is accessed by clicking the Administrator Settings link on the Existing Tickets screen


Administrator Role


The Administrator role is set on this screen. This is the Role that can see all Tickets at any time. It is also the only role that can see a Ticket that is "unassigned".

It is the only Role that is able to create a Ticket for another user.

Even if users are in the Administrator Role, they can also be in another Role (for example a  "Networks" Role) and filter their Existing Tickets screen to only show them Tickets that are assigned to that role.

Any DotNetNuke Role can be used as the Administrator Role.

File Upload Settings


The path that all attachments will be uploaded to is set on this screen.

Note that in a shared hosting environment that does not have the website running under "Full Trust", you may not be able to set a path that does not reside in a folder under the root folder for the website.

The ADefHelpDesk application will automatically set the default path to a path that does reside in a folder under the root folder for the website.

If files are uploaded to one path and the path is changed for future files, the ADefHelpDesk application will remember what location each file was uploaded to and will be able to retrieve all files. This will allow you to specify different directories at different times. 

The permission setting for the users who can see the "Attach File" upload control is also set on this screen. The available options are:

  • Administrator
  • Administrator and Registered Users
  • All

Assignment Roles


This screen allows you to set the list of Roles that will appear in the drop down of possible roles to assign Tickets to.

This was created because some DNN portals have a lot of roles. If a Ticket is assigned to a Role and that Role is removed it will not throw an error. The Role still can be used for that Ticket and will show in it's drop down list, but another Ticket would not see that Role as an option in it's drop-down list.

Tags Administration

Click here for information on Tags administration.