To create a new Ticket, click the New Ticket button.

Registered User


When Registered users create a Ticket, their name and email from their DotNetNuke user account will be used. If their DotNetNuke account name and/or email is changed, their name and email on their new and existing Tickets will also change.

Users are only required to enter a Description, all other fields are optional. Click the Submit Ticket button to create a new Ticket.

Anonymous User


If the module is visible to users who are not logged in, the New Ticket screen will show. Anonymous users will be able to create a Ticket. They will be required to fill in the Name, Email and Description.


They will receive an email that will contain a special password that will allow them to access only the Ticket they created. They will only be able to add comments to the Ticket. They will not be able to change the status, edit any fields, or delete any items.

Administrator creating Ticket for user


An Administrator can create a Ticket for an Anonymous user or a Ticket for a registered user by selecting the user using the Select User section that only appears on the New Ticket screen for Administrators.

Administrators also have the ability to set the Status and Assignment on Ticket creation.


  • When any ticket is created, the members of the Administrator role are sent a notification email (unless an Administrator created the Ticket for another user).
  • If an Administrator makes a Ticket for another user, the user is sent a notification email.