Administration is accessed by clicking the Administrator Settings link on the Existing Tickets screen. Only user who are Super Users can access Administrator Settings.


User Manager

You can search for users, edit, and create them on  the User Manager page.

To add a user to a role, select them from the user list by clicking on their name and then choosing a role from the drop down and clicking the Add Role button. You can remove a user from a role by clicking the Delete button next to the role.

If you do not see any roles in the drop down, or you do not see the drop down, you will need to first add roles on the Assignment Roles page.

You can make a user a Super User by clicking the Super User check box when editing a user and then clicking the Save button.

Assignment Roles

The Assignment Roles page allows you to create and edit the roles that you can assign users to.

Users in a role can filter their Existing Tickets screen to only show them Tickets that are assigned to that role.

Users can be assigned to multiple roles at a time.

User Registration

The User Registration page allows you to set the User Registration options:

  • Allow User Registration - Users can create accounts. This allows them to sign in to track their Tickets

  • Verified Registration - Only available if Allow User Registration is set to True. Setting this option to True requires users to click on a verification link in an email sent to the email address they set for their account before their account is activated. Ensure that the Email is working by setting up email in the Email Settings page.

Tags Administration

Click here for information on Tags administration.

Email Administration

The Email Administration screen allows you to enter the email settings and test them. Email must be set up for any email in the system to work.

File Upload Settings

The path that all attachments will be uploaded to is set on this screen.

Note that in a shared hosting environment that does not have the website running under "Full Trust", you may not be able to set a path that does not reside in a folder under the root folder for the website.

If files are uploaded to one path and the path is changed for future files, the ADefHelpDesk application will remember what location each file was uploaded to and will be able to retrieve all files. This will allow you to specify different directories at different times. 

The permission setting for the users who can see the "Attach File" upload control is also set on this screen. The available options are:

  • Administrator
  • Administrator and Registered Users
  • All